Digital Health, Artificial Intelligence and an Acclaimed Guest Lecturer

3.7.2019 |

20190703 Workshop Justus Wolffgb Workshop on Digital Health with acclaimed guest lecturer

03.07.2019 | DIT-Press - On June 24th, students of Digital Health (Master of Medical Informatics and Bachelor of Health Informatics) at the European Campus Rottal-Inn (ECRI) participated in an invited workshop with acclaimed guest lecturer Justus Wolff, manager for strategy and M&A at Syte.

Mr. Wolff spoke about the strategies and implementation methods of business models across healthcare industries to an international group of students with different backgrounds ranging from information technology over medicine up to business administration.

The Digital Health market in Germany, which is the top investor and the largest medical technology market in Europe, was the focus of the workshop. The potential of the Digital Health market as a comparatively unventured market, its opportunities in Germany and internationally, were explained and illustrated by several case studies. The key players from multinationals to hidden champions, and their scope in this market were also part of the talk.

The master class kept up with the interactive lecture by developing an understanding of real-world challenges through a workshop in two different groups covering economic impact calculations and new product development cases. The students provided a universally positive feedback to this complementary activity, mentioning the important insights into the Digital Health business and entrepreneurship in Germany and worldwide as the main value.

Mr. Justus Wolff is manager for strategy and M&A at Syte, a strategy and M&A advisory in Digital Health. Mr. Wolff has advised multinationals including the top 10 of the largest insurances, pharma and medtech companies globally. He is co-author of major publications on “Digital Health Investment” (Top 30 VCs and 600 investments), the “Global Benchmarking of Digital Hubs” (Ranking of 25 Digital Hubs) and “Enterprise Valuation for Artificial Intelligence and Big Data Companies” (modified valuation methods). Wolff also talks regularly at the International Institute for Management Development (IDM) in Switzerland and AI Strategy in the UK. He holds a BSc in finance and an MSc in strategy, and has had his executive education done at Said Business School, University of Oxford. ECRI had the privilege to have him for the third time.


Picture: Students of Digital Health with guest lecturer Justus Wolff and Prof. Georgi Chaltikyan