Guest Lecture on "Digitizing Healthcare - Opportunities for Germany"

4.7.2019 |

20190704 Guest Lecture Dr. Biesdorfgb Guest Lecture by Prominent Expert Dr. Stefan Biesdorf, Partner of McKinsey Co

04.07.2019 | DIT-Press - On June 27th students of Digital Health at European Campus Rottal-Inn (ECRI) had a distinctive guest lecture by Dr. Stefan Biesdorf, Partner of McKinsey & Company. The lecture topic was “Digitizing Healthcare – Opportunities for Germany”, a McKinsey study prepared in partnership with the German Managed Care Association (BMC) that suggested up to €34.0 billion potential savings through the digitization of the German healthcare system.

Dr. Biesdorf highlighted in depth how 26 digital health solutions from paperless data, online interaction, workflow/automation, outcome transparency, and to decision support could bring significant economic gains. The guest lecturer also presented the research methodology, and described how reviewing and studying nearly 500 scientific papers generated the figures. This complementary activity was not just an addition to the Health Economy module, but also gave the students a unique experience to interact with one of the international key opinion leaders in the Digital Health domain.

The event concluded with a Q&A session and a lively discussion. Dr. Biesdorf made the session interesting and informative by challenging and brainstorming the students, which was very motivational.

Dr. Biesdorf is a member of McKinsey’s Digital Office and serves clients from the healthcare sector on IT and technology related topics. Some of his prominent works are: the development of digital innovation strategy for a leading global player in medical imaging; design of the digital strategy for NHS England based on an evidence-based economic model including financial benefits, implementation and running cost; a growth strategy for a provider of medical imaging analytics solutions in oncology; design and implementation of a big data solution for several public insurers to provision patient-centered data views for revenue management and care management; design and implementation of an integrated IT solution for a national infection control system for a large Middle East country. As the leader of McKinsey’s European Healthcare Informatics Practice and Digital Pharma & MedTech Group, Dr. Biesdorf co-authored several groundbreaking publications on digitizing healthcare. He is a regular keynoter at Digital Health events across Europe and internationally.


Picture: Students listening with suspense to Dr. Biesdorf’s explanations during the lecture